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If your company is looking for diversity recruiting initiatives, click the icons below to download examples of what other companies have done.

Hiring Veterans — A Step by Step Toolkit for Employers (IndependenceFirst)
Download PDF - 1.61 MB
This toolkit  serves to pinpoint helpful tools and outline some important steps to take when designing a Veterans hiring initiative that works for your business.

Designing Workforce Strategy for Sustained Business Growth (ManpowerGroup)
Download PDF - 4.7 MB
How to devise and implement a workforce strategy that accounts for the 
increasing pace of change and drives corporate growth.

Teachable Fit: A New Approach for Easing the Talent Mismatch (ManpowerGroup)
Download PDF - 2.88 MB
This guide explains how employers can broaden their search, recalibrate their mindsets, and identify people with a "teachable fit.”

Office of Finance Recruitment Guide (Marquette)
Download PDF - 1.3 MB
This booklet covers job analysis, internal notification, tips for mission minded hiring, interview question samples, interview guidelines, finance background check policy guidelines, and tips for including the core values and goals of a company in the recruitment process.

Human Resources Diversity Information (Marquette)
Download PDF - 18.6 KB
Marquette University's equal opportunity policy, employee diversity statement, employee rules of conduct

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