Leadership Councils

FUEL Milwaukee is supported by volunteer leaders representing more than 60 companies throughout the region. The following councils are organized by more than 200 volunteers. 

Creative Council

This group is comprised of young professionals (aged 21-39) who provide strategic direction and serve as ambassadors for FUEL. The group meets regularly and is assigned to the council by appointment, member recommendation, or accepted application.

Talent Attraction & Retention Council

This group is comprised of HR professionals, employee engagement specialists and managers from FUEL’s 60 Employer Member companies. The group’s quarterly meetings focus on best practice and resource sharing, benchmarking and talent attraction and retention education. Members are assigned by Employer Member appointment.

Executive Council

This group is comprised of top HR professionals selected from FUEL’s Employer Member companies. This group’s quarterly meetings focus on regional talent attraction strategies and talent pipeline programming. Members are appointed to the council by peer recommendation.

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