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Image has been cited as the #1 barrier to attracting talent to the Milwaukee Region. Part of FUEL's mission is to improve this regional image, because we truly believe Milwaukee is a great place to live and work.


Did you know?

Milwaukee is the 15th most walkable city in the country
Walk Score 2012

Milwaukee’s downtown is one of the top ten downtown areas in the US
TopTenz 2011

Milwaukee is #2 for manufacturing jobs
Forbes 2011

Milwaukee is the 6th best city for working mothers
Forbes 2011

Milwaukee is the 5th best city for finding employment
Forbes 2011

Milwaukee is among the 5 Most Underrated Cities in America
Yahoo! 2011

Milwaukee is ranked 8th for volunteerism among American cities
Corporation for National and Community Service 2011

Milwaukee is the 2nd most relaxed city
Forbes 2010

Milwaukee is the 15th smartest city in America
Daily Beast 2010

Milwaukee is the 4th best place to party
Men’s Health 2010

Milwaukee is 4th for volunteerism among Milennials, 5th among young adults.
Volunteering in America 2010

Milwaukee is the 2nd safest city in the country
Forbes 2009

Milwaukee is the 9th best city for singles
Forbes 2009

Milwaukee is the 11th hottest super city for young professionals
Next Generation Consulting Milwaukee 2009

Milwaukee is 12th for sustainability
Sustain Lane 2009

Milwaukee is the 11th fittest city
Men’s Fitness 2009

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